About Us

How We're Building God's Kingdom

We are all about teaching the truth of the Holy Bible to everyone. We teach the Bible verse by verse, chapter by chapter, and book by book. We have a great passion to reach the lost, hurting and dying world with the power of the gospel message that God loves them and sent His one and only Son Jesus the Christ to die in their place as punishment for their sins on the cross. God now through His love, mercy and grace offers the forgiveness of sins and the free gift of Eternal Life for all those that put their faith in accepting Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord of their life.


Our Mission

God has given us the Great Commission to deliver the message of the gospel to the lost souls and unsaved people of the City of Los Angeles 

Are you passionate about what we're doing? Let us know! We are always looking for servants to help with praying, ushering, worship, photography, video taping and in our KKLA 99.5 fm radio ministry to make God's vision a reality. We'll help you use your gifts for the Lord in expanding His Kingdom.


Our God Given Calling

God has called us specifically to teach, preach, evangelize, serve, minister and pray for the people of our generation in the City of Los Angeles.

Our purpose is teach the truth of the Word of God with the Holy Spirit's leading. We want to see many come into a personal relationship with Christ. We want all people to experience God's love, mercy, saving grace and forgiveness of sins through Jesus. We are so looking forward to the great things God is going to do with this new body of believers. 


Donate Now

We are dedicated to improving the lives of those in our community of Los Angeles who desperately need to hear the gospel. Your contribution today in any amount will make a difference in one life, one child, one teen and one family. Will you help?

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